Consider the watcher. Something else is a quick click away. Even at live events, attention can wander very quickly. 

Make it memorable

After ten or fifteen seconds, you start to lose viewers. For most applications, the falloff is huge if you don’t grab them immediately. 

Almost always, you must have something strong to involve the audience. Ideally, something visual; if not, a provocative comment of some sort. Definitely, don’t have details of your product up front unless you’re confident people are interested enough to keep watching. 

When I shot Maya Angelou, I could just point my camera. Very, very few are that interesting. It’s flattering to the client to let them talk, but almost always you want an outline that keeps the key points in focus - and not too many of them. 

Everyone’s eye is so accustomed to TV quality anything less discourages them, often unconsciously. Unfortunately, even buying a $20K broadcast camera will not be enough. Professional lighting makes an enormous difference. A good microphone, close to the speaker, really improves things. B-roll really helps. On every shoot, go around and outside to get footage and sound.

To meet a budget, you may need to make compromises. Consider carefully the tradeoffs you make. Ask me for ideas on how to produce on a budget.

Captivate your audience

You have to be ready to “kill your babies.” If something detracts from your focus, edit it out even if you really like it. 

Promote and analyze

Make it easy for them to share through social media. Dave Burstein tells me he can double his audience by sending a notice on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Always hope it will go viral, although that’s hard to predict. Build your lists throughout.

Test, test, test

Even the best pros are never sure what will work. Almost always, there are surprises when you look at your stats. When you know what works, do more. Don’t repeat what isn’t working unless you have a completely new approach.

Invite feedback, not just orders

You always want to hear from your audience.

Make It Great. 

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