Idea to Online Content in 3 Easy Steps


We script and storyboard your idea and plan your shoot at a price you can afford.  

Capture Footage

Our Production team uses high definition cameras to shoot your video at your office or in-studio. 


Editing shapes your video into a compelling story that viewers will want to watch. 

How it Works

We offer production at multiple price points. Discover what’s right for you from full-scale studio production, to a single-camera shoot in the field or at your location. We can record your keynote or event. We can even work with your team to produce videos in-house.

Start with an Idea
Scripting takes your project from idea to action. Storyboards show you how it will look.

Often it’s right to include an interview with someone on your team, either as a voice over sound track or on camera. We coach interview subjects to help you look and sound your best. You never have to memorize a script or read a teleprompter. Our team asks you the right questions to help you share the key takeaways for your video story. If you need scripted content to meet regulatory, compliance or legal requirements we work with professional talent to get your content just right.

Custom Footage Designed to Meet Your Business Goals
On location, or in studio, we use the latest equipment to capture quality high definition video and sound that shows you, products and services and your location, in their best light. Sometimes things change during shooting, but with planning, life’s surprises can enhance, rather than derail your video project.

Video Editing 
Our editors craft your video into a compelling story that viewers will want to watch. During editing we keep specific audiences and distribution platforms in mind. Sometimes this means creating different versions of a video for the web and mobile, or changing the format for a specific social media platform or target market.

Get Your Video Online
We help you plan for success by keeping your business goals and viewing audience in mind from the very beginning. Developing a distribution strategy is a part of our initial planing.

Whether your video will be viewed on the web, mobile or social media we create video edited and formatted to meet your business needs.

Strategies for Success
If your goals include training, support or guided learning, adding a transcript may serve your viewers.

  • Quality Video can be easily syndicated
  • Stimulates and encourages sharing 
  • Video keeps visitors on your site longer and develops community
  • Choose a simple edit that places your logo, URL and lower third identifiers on the video with a simple open and close 
  • Or choose a highlight package from trade conference sessions featuring your companyEdit existing footage and stills into high quality marketing videos
  • Edited video formatted delivered in mp4 format for upload to YouTube or other video servers  and for embedding into HTML5 a web sites and Facebook
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